Information for Parents

School Uniforms

At Wyvern we fully support school uniform and believe that it definitely contributes to team spirit, a positive attitude and gives the children a sense of pride. Our uniform is inexpensive and easy to obtain at Maisies in Wolverton.

The children will need:

      • burgundy branded sweatshirt or cardigan
      • grey/black trousers, skirt, shorts or pinafore dress
      • grey/black/white socks or tights
      • black shoes
      • a red summer dress (ideally burgundy) is optional
      • white polo shirts (branded are available)
      • A PE kit including: a branded PE top, black shorts, trainers and a black tracksuit for if the weather is cold and the children are outside.
      • branded PE bag
      • branded book bag

Extra Curricular Activities

​​Wyvern runs a variety of clubs throughout the week. A list of available clubs is sent out at the start of each term. While we cannot guarantee that a child will get into a club we try to accommodate as many children as possible. Please note that extra curricular clubs must be booked via Parentmail Forms.


While there will be slight differences between year groups and classes, you can expect your child to receive weekly spelling words to learn. We also ask that children read a small amount on a daily basis. They will all have an appropriate reading book given to them by the school and are able to take out additional reading books through the library. Please could you encourage them to record their reading in their personal logs. The children will also be set regular maths homework to help consolidate their learning from class. Occasionally your child may be set some additional topic work or wider research/reading around a topic.

The expectations for homework for your child will be included in their curriculum newsletter, issued in the first week of each half term.  This will include when homework is set and collected in.

Term Dates 2018-2019

Autumn Term 2018 Wednesday 5th September –
Thursday 25th October
Monday 5th November –
Friday 21st December
Spring Term 2019 Monday 7th January –
Friday 15th February
Monday 25th February –
Friday 5th April
Summer Term 2019 Tuesday 23rd April –
Friday 24th May
Monday 3rd June –
Friday 19th July
Inset days
Monday 3rd September 2018
Tuesday 4th September 2018
Friday 26th October 2018
Friday 4th January 2019
Monday 22nd July 2019
2019-2020 Please click here for confirmed dates for

Emergency Closure Procedure

Unfortunately, in very extreme circumstances we will deem it necessary to close the school. In the past during situations such as adverse weather conditions it has been very difficult for parents to ascertain whether to struggle to get their children into school.

To avoid this in the future Milton Keynes Council has a system which communicates school procedures not only to parents but also to the media. A website has been created for schools to log onto and close the school. It will then automatically update the local radio station and the Council Website.

If you think Wyvern may be closed, for example, due to snow/flooding etc you can find out by visiting the Council’s Website:

Or you can listen to Heart FM Radio or BBC Three Counties Radio or visit their websites – or We will continue to work with local radio stations to ensure that details of school closures are announced during their shows, for parents who do not have internet access at home.


Curriculum Newsletters

Each term your child’s year group will send out a Curriculum Newsletter. This will give you an overview of the topics and skills being studied in each subject along with relevant year group information such as upcoming trips or events. Follow the link below to see this year’s curriculum newsletters.

New Curriculum Newsletters will be published in the first week of term.

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 1

Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 1

FS2 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 1

FS1 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 1

General Letters

As a school, we are promoting being paperless. All school letters are sent out on Parent mail with physical copies sent home to families that are not registered with Parent mail. All letters sent out will also be posted on our website (follow the link below) and a link will also be posted on the ‘ourschoolsapp’. Please note that fixture letters and/or letters that require permission will always be sent home with the children.