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School Development Priorities 2017-2018

Exec Head’s Update

  January 2018


Happy New Year!  I hope that you have had a restful and enjoyable break and that the children are ready to get stuck into their learning!  The governors have been working incredibly hard on behalf of the school during the Autumn term and have asked me to run Wyvern in this interim period.  I know that both governing bodies are keen to further explore ways in which we can strengthen the working partnership between Wyvern and Bushfield to improve the children’s education.


Looking forward


The school has had to deal with a great deal of uncertainty over the last term and my aim, in the first instance, is to bring a secure consistency for both the children and staff alike.  We must also start to look at ways in which we can share good practice, develop, and strengthen the teaching and learning for the children coming through our doors. 




At its heart, Wyvern strives to be a warm, welcoming school for the community; somewhere where the children feel safe and happy to come to school.  While our last Ofsted report has given us a clear mandate to change and develop, this is something that we must continue to hold dear.  Going forward, Wyvern needs to retain its unique identity while making sure it delivers a strong and rich educational experience to improve outcomes for our children.




Change is inevitable and a valuable part of education - something to embrace. However rapid change and improvement does not come without a price.  Over the next few months there are going to be lots of changes at Wyvern.  Some will be operational; some to the way in which we approach teaching and learning and some about how we organise ourselves and the children in school.  Importantly, I want the children to be the least disrupted, most engaged and to directly benefit from all improvements we make.

I ask for your patience and support for the school, knowing that our destination is a place that we all want to reach. 

New year, new opportunities and a new start.  I am excited for the future and I hope that you will join me and the staff moving forward, onwards and upwards.


Change is coming… and that’s a good thing!

Steve Springett-McHugh



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